About Us

Big Metal Coal Co. LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cloud Peak Energy Inc., a large U.S. coal producer with three owned and operated surface coal mines in the northern and southern Powder River Basin (PRB) of Montana and Wyoming. Big Metal was established to conduct exploration and potential mining operations on the Crow Indian Reservation.

The Bighorn Mountains, anchored to the south by Cloud Peak, are sacred mountains to the Crow (Apsáalooke) Tribe of Indians. Many legends are told about this high country, including the story of a boy who was rescued from a fall by seven sacred bighorn rams, led by Big Metal. The rams, whose horns and hooves were shining with gold, named the Bighorn Mountains and the Bighorn and Little Bighorn Rivers. Big Metal gave his own name to the boy and each of the six other sheep gave him power, wisdom, sharp eyes, sure footedness, keen ears, great strength and a strong heart. The boy, who became the great Chief Big Metal, returned to his people with the rams’ instructions never to change the names of the Bighorn Mountains and Bighorn and Little Bighorn Rivers, and the Apsáalooke would always remain as a people and prosper.1

As powerful symbols for the Crow Tribe, it is fitting that the names Cloud Peak and Big Metal are reflected in a set of agreements under which Big Metal Coal Co. LLC has exploration and option to lease rights for up to 1.4 billion tons2 of in-place coal on the Crow Indian Reservation.

1 Source: Official Crow Tribe Website www.crowtribe.com
2 Represents a current estimate of physical in-place coal tons. Does not represent proven and probable reserves, non-reserve coal deposits or a forecast of tons to be produced and sold in the future. Future production and sales of such tons, if any, are subject to exercise of options and significant risk and uncertainty.