Land and Landowners

Big Metal is respectful of other landowners on the Crow Reservation. Big Metal will get permission from landowners prior to accessing their property on and around the subject coal deposits on the Crow Indian Reservation, initially to conduct exploration, and potentially later to establish and conduct mining. Big Metal affiliates already own approximately 4,000 acres over Crow coal. Other surface land is held by Tribal and non-Tribal fee owners and by Tribal members in allotments.

At this time, Big Metal only requires short-term surface access from landowners in order to conduct exploration drilling and site surveys. A form surface access agreement (SAA) has been approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and mailed to landowners whose property will be impacted by the exploration process. Big Metal has contacted landowners to discuss the provisions of this SAA and to discuss economic terms.

If Big Metal decides to exercise an option to lease some or all of the Crow Tribe’s coal, it will need to enter into long-term surface leases with landowners or otherwise purchase the land. If the land is purchased, Big Metal would do so in the name of the Crow Tribe, which would then lease the land back to Big Metal. If landowners are interested in selling their land, it is an excellent opportunity for the Tribe to regain control of lands within its Reservation boundaries. The BIA must approve any agreement to lease or purchase land from landowners. Big Metal is committed to providing Crow landowners a fair value for their land.

On March 23, 2013, Big Metal held an open house for Tribal landowners at the Multi-Purpose Building at Crow Agency to explain the Big Metal Exploration Agreement and Option to Lease Agreement and to answer questions on the exploration process. Interested Tribal members were also provided with transportation to Cloud Peak Energy’s Spring Creek Mine for a tour of its operations and reclamation.

Big Metal has established a land office at Crow Agency, at the Big Metal Project Office on Bacheeitche Avenue. Landowners with questions are encouraged to speak with Big Metal representatives at this office or to contact us at